Santa may only come once a year but the Beatz are there for you every month.

This is 'The' 09 Christmas Party you do not want to miss.

We've had a cracking year at Blu Jaz so as 2009 comes to a close its time to dress up like maniacs, let our hair down and strut our stuff.

To get your bits moving Raeburn J will kick off with some great and classic house before I start cranking up the tempo and dropping techno well into the early hours.

Tis’ the season to be jolly, so coalesce share the Soundscape vibe and get your fancy (dressed) ass on the dancefloor!

Lets party people.

Happy Christmas from 44Beatz,


We got the power (BACK)  


On and off like a tarts draws, sorry for the mix up earlier. We have power on the 2nd Floor so I'll be djing from 12:30 tonight.

There will be Beatz, there will be fun. Get your dancing trousers back out the wardwrobe - lets have it!!.

Soundscapes @ Blu Jaz - Saturday 14th November  


For no apparent reason other than having fun (and that's reason enough) we'll be playing films in your heads at the next Blu Jaz. We're up on the second floor, taking to the decks at 9pm and dropping beatz thru until 3am.

Stylish n chic. Thrill in the chase. A very twisted plot line to get your feet tapping n hearts pounding. Working out who did it may not be difficult, but figuring out exactly what it was they did may be.

Get set for the premier of a new messing with your minds production.



Here you go pictures from the 44Beatz presents Soundscapes Halloween Special - Enjoy.
And stick the 14th November in your diary too, we're back at Blu Jaz for more fun and frolics!



What a night! The 44Beatz Halloween special went off like a monkey with a rocket launcher. Message to self 'Vodka dancing hurts head'.

Assembling the evidence now. If you have pictures of last nights Blu Jaz shenanigans feel free to share em. From the boots to the wigs to the masks and the wings. Well I think thats what I saw. Was there someone selling cheese? I need sleep.

From the past to the future, get set for Saturday 14th November.

This Blu Jaz gig will get your hearts pounding. Thrill in the chase as we play movies in your heads. Super Chic 'Film Noir', another messing with your mind production. Check out our pages for more details.

Thanks for the memories see you next time on the dancefloor!


(Yes, yes, yes I'll try n remember what I played n post a mix soon)