What a night! The 44Beatz Halloween special went off like a monkey with a rocket launcher. Message to self 'Vodka dancing hurts head'.

Assembling the evidence now. If you have pictures of last nights Blu Jaz shenanigans feel free to share em. From the boots to the wigs to the masks and the wings. Well I think thats what I saw. Was there someone selling cheese? I need sleep.

From the past to the future, get set for Saturday 14th November.

This Blu Jaz gig will get your hearts pounding. Thrill in the chase as we play movies in your heads. Super Chic 'Film Noir', another messing with your mind production. Check out our pages for more details.

Thanks for the memories see you next time on the dancefloor!


(Yes, yes, yes I'll try n remember what I played n post a mix soon)

What next?

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