Get Ready For May!  


Hi Guys & Gals,Firstly huge thanks to those of you that graced the floor with your presence on Saturday, that dancing (and you know who I’m talking about) was awesome and great to see you again its been a while since MoS.
We’re starting to get our sh*t together a bit more these days and are already set for Saturday 16th May at Blu Jazz when Raeburn J & I will be joined by the legend that is Chris Ho on the decks.
We promise to make this a truly eclectic affair, deep, funky Acid Jazz & Tech House and anything else we can get away with. We’ll be up in the top room and as we’ve a lot of tunes to get through we’re starting early 8pm.Be sure to keep your eyes on the our pages for
more updates.
Catch you all soon,

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