6 Days Counting  


We're just under a week away from this months Soundscapes at Blu Jaz so thought I'd post up a note and let everyone know more details of whats cooking in 44's kitchen.

We''ll be starting off early, 8pm to be precise when Raeburn J will kick things of with funky, soul fueled acid Jaz n no doubt slices from the deeper side plus a few surprises along the way.

Around 10ish I'll switch in with some jaz influenced tech house n detroit techno. Building things up nicely for Chris Ho (aka X'Ho) to take control at midnight.

Soundscapes is all about that 'eclectic backdrop' and nobody does eclectic quite like Chris. There's a story I'm told that the 3rd Floor of Blu Jaz is often referred to as 'The Church'. A catalogue spanning three decades, accolades from a around the globe. Recording artist, poet, journalist and DJ, with Chris in the house - let the lesson commence!

How to follow?

We'll do our best. Raeburn J n I will keep the decks spinning from 2 til the proverbial cows come home with fused, back to back mind trickery and sonic soul.

Eclectasy - get your fix now!


What next?

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