Been busy back now. Rooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaar!  


Its been a hectic few weeks, apologies for the hiatus.

Resting over CNY then back at it down Blu Jaz way on Saturday 27th February, another topographic expedition to that mysterious, twilight frontier where acid meets jazz they marry, buy a shack and spawn a funky tech-house lovechild.

As was the past so is the future this month’s Soundscapes is up on the 2nd level where Raeburn J will stimulate your senses from 9pm prior to me bashing you’re lobes in from 11(ish)

Still working on maneuvers for March and April when I’ll be pingponging between Blu Jaz & House, on the subject of the latter get your freaks on for Discopark on February 19th February, here’s a handy little link.!/event.php?eid=466460465649&ref=mf

Until we meet again may the force be with YOU, enjoy the new year and rest up!!

We’ll see you on the dancefloor in the year of the tiger roooaaaarrrr!


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