Get primed and amped for 20th March @ House.  


Get primed and amped for this House.

As mad as a March hare, follow the line and step into 'Future Music'. Last month's explosive debut nearly blew the roof off, literally.

Mixing in front of a big flashing light box with the word 'camp' blinking on and off does freaky things to my mind.

So grab a cocktail, hang with friends on the balcony and take in some of Singapore's rain-forest. Early is mellow, acid jazz n trip hop.

Go with the flow, as the heat of day is replaced by the thrill of night. The tempo will build, electro beats, house n disco loops to get the feet tapping, then once you're cooking its trippy techno all the way.

Or something like that.

I make it up as I go long, in case you'd not noticed, even taking detours to drop in the 'odd' request in return for a glass of red.

See you on the dancefloor.


P.S Don't forget you can get your House fix this week with Discopark, check out the Beatz n House pages for info, see you there!!)

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